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Refresher Lessons

This is for those who've already passed their test. Passing your test isn't the end of learning how to drive, it's only the first step to navigate the roads safely. These lessons offer a calm environment to brush up on skills you might have forgotten, and will help with your overall driving ability.


Some reasons you might consider these lessons are:

  1. You haven't driven in a long time and want to regain confidence before driving your own vehicle again.

  2. You've just bought a new car and want to get to grips with the new features like SATNAV.

  3. You've moved to a new area and struggle to navigate a certain road feature, whether it's a complicated junction or roundabout or parking your large car in small spaces.

  4. You want to gain more experience driving long distances on motorways.

  5. Some car insurance companies offer discounts for those who have completed additional courses such as PASS PLUS.

These refresher lessons will leave you feeling much more confident to approach those difficult and unexpected situations you face on the road, and could also help lower your insurance premiums at the same time by completing courses such as the PASS PLUS. 

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