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Bespoke Lessons

These are tailored sessions for all ages and abilities. Whether it's your very first time jumping in a car or you just want that little bit of extra confidence in tricky situations, these lessons can work for you. All lessons are carried out by a DVSA approved driving instructor with a GRADE A QUALIFICATION (the highest attainable grade). 


Before your first lesson with us, we will consult you to create a rough lesson plan. This will combine your level of experience, time constraints and budget. Normally, one lesson ranges in length from 1-4 hours at a time and we offer ultimate flexibility.

At Manual's Driving School we believe in a targeted approach. Focusing on areas you can improve and tackling them together is vital to improving your overall driving skill and confidence.


Listed here are some elements they can include, but it's all about what you want to get out of lessons:

  • A 2-hour assessment of your driving ability

  • Theoretical tuition about the official highway code

  • Knowledge about cars in general, all features and basic vehicle maintenance (show me, tell me).

  • Specialist knowledge about how to safely navigate our roads

  • Learning manoeuvres for all driving scenarios 

  • Navigating with SATNAV systems

  • Practice examinations (mock tests) and feedback

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