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About us

The vision for Manuals is to create a driving school with a different set of priorities and values. 


Driving lessons are often viewed as a means to an end, with the ultimate purpose of passing the driving test. Despite the importance of this milestone, many other vital parts of learning to drive are too often overlooked.


The philosophy of Manual's is to make driving instruction about the people. We strive to give every student 4 main outcomes:

1. Safety when driving

2. Knowledge about driving

3. Enjoyment when driving

4. Confidence in all road situations (and in life)

As a result, we help shape the very best drivers on our roads today. When you acquire these key skills, you will be well prepared to take your driving examination, and continue your lifelong driving journey. 

In delivering this, we understand that every student has a unique journey when learning to drive. With your consultation, we will support a bespoke learning package to best suit you and fit around your lifestyle. 

CALL 07904 398023 now to start your driving journey!

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