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Intensive Courses

If you want to commit yourself to getting on the road as quickly as possible, this is the route for you. Intensive courses are packages designed to take you through learning to drive in an accelerated way. More contact hours back to back mean you aren't as likely to forget information between lessons, and every hour will be building quickly on the last. 

Typically this takes the format of 5 hours of tuition per day. This means you could get 20 hours of quality tuition in the space of only 4 days, and be well on your way to getting on the road. This condensed format could be for those wishing to brush up quickly a few days before the test, or take you through to passing your test in a fraction of the time. We offer ultimate flexibility here at Manual's Driving School, so whatever hours you are comfortable with can be organised. 

For prices, availablility and enquiries regarding bespoke intensive courses please call 07904 398023

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